Ebru Özseçen (b.1971) her work embraces a range of artistic and architectural practices, encompassing urban interventions, sculpture, objects, photography, video, film installations, and drawings. Özseçen explores the individual memory in contemporary society by observing the seemingly mundane, she exposes its magical and unseen aspects revealing a space where fantasy and memory hide in plain sight.

Özseçen' work has been the subject to solo exhibitions at the “City”, Coimbra Science and Technology Museum, 2000; "Sugar Top Girl", Henry Urbach Architecture, New York 2001; “Jawbreaker,” Edition Block, Berlin, 2009; “Kısmet”, Tanas, Berlin, 2010, “True Love Soul Mate”, Rampa, Istanbul, 2012., group exhibitions as “Das Lied von der Erde”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, 2000; “The Big Blue”, Tate Modern, London; “Unlimited nl”, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam, 2001; “In den Schluchten des Balkan: Eine Reportage”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, 2003; “o.T. [City IV]”, Leipzig Contemporary Art Center, 2005; ”Meisterwerke der Medienkunst aus der ZKM Sammlung”ZKM, 2006; “Modern and Beyond”, santralistanbul, 2007; “Dream and Reality,” Istanbul Modern, 2011; “At Home, Wherever,” Tanas, Berlin, 2011, “The Fertile Crescent”, Mason Gross Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ 2012.

Her work was included in the 25th São Paulo Biennial, Cork Triennial 2007, Sonsbeek 9, the 2nd Pusan Biennial, Whitstable Biennial 2001, Barcelona Triennial, Limerick Biennial EVA 2000, the 6th Istanbul Biennial, and the 5th Istanbul Biennial. Permanent collections include ZKM, Science and Technology Museum Coimbra, Collection Block, Vehbi Koç Contemporary Art Collection, B.A.C.O.P Collection, and Podesta Collection. Özseçen is a graduate of Bilkent University and a Rijksakademie fellow. She lives and works in Munich.

1971, Izmir

1998 Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
1996 MFA in Fine Arts, “Signification of The Artwork in Relation to Its Placement Within Space”, The Department of Fine Arts and The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of Bilkent University, Ankara
1994 BFA in Art, Design and Architecture, The Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design of Bilkent University, Ankara


2022 ‘‘Beyoğlu in Purgatory’’, Chamber of Architecture, İstanbul
2022 ‘’ThisPlay’’, Arter, İstanbul
2020 ‘’On Celestial Bodies’’, Arter, İstanbul
2019 ‘’Age of Gold ‘’, Galeri Nev, Ankara
2017 "Symbiosis", The Visual Science of Art, Humboldt University, School of Mind and Brain, Berlin
2015 "Histories and Stories", Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
2015 “Symbiosis for Maxforum”, Maxforum, Munich
2015 “Challenging Identitites”, Concordia, Enschede
2014 “Rainproof Ideas & More Editions”, Edition Block, Berlin
2012 “The Fertile Crescent”, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, New Jersey
2012 “True Love Soul Mate”, Rampa, Istanbul (solo)
2011 “Zwölf im Zwölften”, “TANAS, Berlin
2011 “Dream and Reality”, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
2011 “Art Beat Istanbul”, Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, Istanbul
2011 “Multipliziern ist Menschlich: 45 Jahre Edition Block 1966 – 2011”, Edition Block, Berlin
2011 “La Donna è Mobile”, Maçka Modern, Istanbul
2010 “KISMET”, TANAS, Berlin (solo)
2010 “Starter”, ARTER, Istanbul
2010 “Intriguing Pictures”, Steinle Contemporary, Munich
2009 “Jawbreaker”, Edition Block, Berlin (solo)
2009 “Coastal Currents”, The Reading Room,12 Claremont, Hastings
2009 “Who Killed The Painting?”, Weserburg Museum Fuer Moderne Kunst, Bremen
2009 “Library Presentation”, Dover Library, Dover Discovery Centre, Dover (solo)
2009 “Embarkation”, Town Centre Sign Boards, Dover (solo)
2008 “Who Killed The Painting?”, Neues Museum, Nuernberg
2008 “Food For Thought”, U-Turn Satellite Exhibitions, Stege Sukkerfabrik, Møn
2008 “Mahrem: Footnotes on Veiling”, TANAS, Berlin
2008 “Old News 4”, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis
2008 “Paradise Revealed : Reanimation of Place”, The Charlton Shopping Centre Parking, Dover (public space)
2008 “Paradise Revealed : Reanimation of Place”, The Pine’s Garden St.Margaret’s Bay, Kent (public space)
2007 “Slow Space Fast Pace”, Cork Art Trial, Cork (public space)
2007 “Türkisch Delight”, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Nordhorn
2007 “Türkisch Delight”, Städtische Galerie Backnang, Backnang
2007 “Modern and Beyond”, Santral Istanbul, Istanbul
2007 “Inbetweeness”, Ex Carceri del Complesso di San Michele a Ripa, Roma
2006 “Master Works of Media Art _ ZKM Collection”, ZKM, Karlsruhe
2005 “o.T. [ City IV ]”, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
2004 “Les Points du Jour”, Pont de Versailles, Paris (public space)
2004 “Love it or Leave it”, Vth Cetinje Biennial,Cetinje
2004 “Fading Lace”, Plantage Kerklaan 30, Amsterdam (public space)
2004 “Liste 04”, Galerist, Basel
2003 “In den Schluchten des Balkan: Eine Reportage”, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel
2003 “Shadows and Ghosts”, Platform, Istanbul
2002 “Individual Geographies Global Maps”, Nisantasi, Istanbul (public space)
2002 “Metropolis Now”, Reine Sofia Museum, Madrid
2002 “Time Light”, Whistable Biennial, Whistable
2002 “Latent Space”, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
2002 “Time: Nature”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem
2002 “Iconografias Metropolitanas”, São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo
2002 "Armory", Henry Urbach Architecture, New York
2002 "Anniversary Show", Henry Urbach Architecture, NewYork
2001 "Sugar Top Girl", Henry Urbach Architecture, New York (solo)
2001 "Metropolis Now", Borusan Art Center, Istanbul
2001 "Regrets Reveries Changing Skies", Karsi Sanat, Istanbul
2001 "Trans Sexual Express", Barcelona Triennale, Barcelona
2001 "Graham, Özseçen, Trockel", Milchoff, Nürnberg
2001 "Locus Focus", Sonsbeek 9, Arnhem
2001 "The Big Blue", Tate Modern, London
2001 "Unlimited, nl-4", De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam
2001 "Les Interieur du Monde", Zaanstad Museum, Zaanstad
2000 "City", Science and Technology Museum, Coimbra (solo)
2000 "Living The Island", Metropolitan Museum of Art, Busan
2000 "Ex Lux", Kunsthalle Tirol, Tirol
2000 "Das Lied von Der Erde", Museum Fridericianum, Kassel
2000 "Strange Home", Kestner Museum, Hannover
2000 "Springtime", Nikolaj Art Center, Copenhagen
2000 "Arguments", Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul
2000 "Friends and Neighbours", Limerick Biennial Ev+A, Limerick
1999 “Arguments”, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneve
1999 “Out of Nowhere”, Artotek, Schidam/Leiden/ CBK, Dordrecht
1999 “Passion and Wave”, The 6th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul
1999 “17th World Wide Video Festival”, Melkweg Cafe, Amsterdam
1999 “Iskorpit”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
1998 “Iskorpit”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
1998 “Scar”, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
1998 “Open Ateliers”, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
1997 “On life, beauty, translation and other difficulties...”, The 5th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul
1997 “Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean”, Cavelerizza, Torino
1997 “Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean”, Kapelitahdas, Helsinki
1997 “The Big Blue”, Coins, London
1996 “You have the Midas touch”, Macka Art Gallery, Istanbul
1996 “Kehanet”, Bilkent University, Ankara
1996 “Dorm”, Bilkent University Girl’s Dorm, Ankara (solo)
1996 “Deterritoralization”, TÜYAP Tepebasi, Istanbul
1996 “The Other”, Findikli, Antrepo, Istanbul


2008 “Art in The Public Space Competititon” nominated for the work “The Last Memorial Kindergarden” invited by “Kulturreferat” for “Remembering the NS-victims in the public space of the 21st century. New forms of commemoration.”
2007 “Award” presented by “Ege University, Izmir” for the excellence of work presented in “Ege Art”
2004 “Art in The Public Space Competition” won for the work “Fading Lace” invited by “AFK” and “YMERE” for the “Plantage Kerklaan Facade in Amsterdam”
1999 “Art in The Public Space Competition” won for the work “Spider Web” invited by “AFK” for the “Polanenhof Building Complex in Amsterdam”


2015 “Symbiosis” for Maxforum, Munich (lecture)
2015 “Senses and Spaces II Symposium”, Harvard University, Boston (symposium)
2015 “Ebru Özseçen”, Concordia, Enschede (talk)
2015 “Symbiosis”, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, TUM, München (course)
2012 “Ebru Özseçen”, Ek Art TV, Istanbul (television programme)
2010 “Proposal to become a Museum: Izmir Viaducts”, Economic Development Coordination Committee, Izmir (lecture)
2007 “Ebru Özseçen”, Dover Arts Development, Dover (interview)
2004 “Who’s to follow”, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam (panel)
2003 “Utopia Station”, Intervention, Haus der Kunst, München (lecture)
2003 “Ebru Özseçen”, Zaanstad Museum, Zaanstad (lecture)
2001 “Ebru Özseçen”, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam (lecture)
1999 “Sarajevo Workshops”, Soros Foundation, Bosnia Herzegovina (workshop)
1999 “City” , Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (workshop)
1998 “UNESCO Meeting”, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (lecture)
1998 “Scar”, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam (workshop)
1997 ”Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean”, Arcade Murazzi Tempo, Turin (workshop)


2012 Grant presented by German Embassy New York for “Fertile Crescent” Exhibition, New Brunswick, NJ
2008 Residency presented by DAD, Dover
2003 Residency presented by the Ministry of Culture for “Couvent des Recollets”, Paris
2000 Grant presented by Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam for “Sugar Top Girl” Exhibition, New York
2000 Grant presented by Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam for “Sao Paulo Biennial” Exhibition, Sao Paulo
1999 Residency presented by Ministry of Culture Finland for NIFCA, Helsinki
1999 Grant presented by Soros foundation for “Sarajevo Workshops”, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1998 Residency presented by Ministry of Culture of Austria for Median Werkstatt, Wien
1998 Grant presented by Turkish Consulate Rotterdam for “Biennial of Young Artists of Mediteranean”, Helsinki
1998 Grant presented by Rijksakademie for “Scar”, Netherlands Architecture Institute Workshop/Exhibition, Rotterdam
1998 Grant presented by Rijsakademie for “Biennial of Young Artist of Mediterranean” Exhibition, Turin
1998 - 1997 Presented by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
1996 - 1994 Scholarship (Full support financial aid for MFA programme) Faculty of Art, Design, Architecture, The Institute of Fine Arts and The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of Bilkent University, Ankara


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2012 Artistic Director and developing artistic strategies for fund raising for non profit organization “She’s The Way” (a private foundation dedicated itself to children of Liberia) in New York
2010 Developed urban, artistic and institutional strategies for the city of Izmir
2009 Founded “The Architecture For Life” programme in order to diminish homelessness
2009 Developing artistic strategies for fund raising for non profit organization “Food For Life”programme in Rome
2008 The first woman and the first project presented “Proposal to become a Museum: Izmir Viaducts” in the the history of Turkish republic to “Economic Coordination Committee Meeting Izmir”
(ECCM is a trade meeting founded by Ataturk to inaugurate the Izmir Fair in 1929)


Collection Block, Møn/Berlin
B.A.C.O.B. Collection, Brussels
Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
Science and Technology Museum, Coimbra
Podesta Collection, Washington, D.C.
Opymos Collection, Istanbul
ZKM, Karlsruhe
Vehbi Koç Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul