"Symbiosis for MaximiliansForum", 2015.

Concept and Vision Model/Renderings/Measurements for the insulation layer for temperature, sound, wind, humidity, and light for semi - open exhibition space MaximilliansForum, Munich, Germany

..."There is a underground space in the heart of the city in Bavaria, Munich. About 11 degrees below today, for contemporary art, design and architecture shows. Besides all the qualities of this space, there are plants that are almost programmed to be wild at its entrances and over its escalators. We have no information why these plants are placed in the most expensive street of this city, even Germany, but I would like to keep the impact that their “hybrid” state Daniele Santucci says when I asked him -“why - I - am this way”- , I want to remember them in this hybrid state, or perhaps so that nobody takes it upon themselves cleans them away. This is the only place that reminds me of my childhood in this city, where I don’t know how much I will spend of my remaining life. May I say that preserving them will give me back my childhood? they are death. and they are...A girl whose father brought the first escalator application to a building in Turkey, same girls' fishing adventures with her grandmother... collecting to boat every morning from that humid place, the very same plants next to hers family weekend home... where her aunts lovers hide themselves to see her beautiful aunts...what about an other unfortunate heroine of “Irréversible”... and an other heroine walking in front the blue tiles a.k.a “Jackie Brown”. This space makes me feel as if I live next to a favela in São Paulo. I wonder...What would Rem Koolhaas have done if he had seen this place when he was building an elevator for the vertical favela? -The spontaneous architecture (“wild” forms, according to would – be elegant terminology) prove greatly superior to the organization of specialists who translate the social order into territorial reality with or without orders from economic and political authorities.- There is an important reason that this uncanny place can only remain in the Sensory Space. It is supposes to be a exhibition space... but whenever I enter in it.. all these subjective memories takes me all over again. There are other things that this place reminds me: it makes me say that I found myself in love with in this underground passage. As far as back the sixth century B.C., for instance, philosopher Parmenides held that our memory resided in a unique place between light and heat, cold and dark, at the center of the bodies. If this relationship was disturbed, it resulted in amnesia.*

*Excerpt from Ebru Özseçen's lecture "Artwork As Sensory Space" at Harvard University, Sever Hall, May 2015, Boston, USA.